The Ridgeland Streak Continues

Not only is the Ridgeland Football team Region 6AAAA Champions, they got to host the first round of State at home, and won! There were worried that the team that put Ridgeland out during the first round of State last year, St. Pius, would win again but the Panthers were not having that. It would be Ridgeland who scored the first touchdown of the night, but St. Pius fought back and scored two touchdowns in a row. Before half time started, Ridgeland tied up the score making it 14 all. During the second half of the game, two of Ridgeland’s vital players were injured, Stephon Walker and Grayson Moore. Walker went up for an amazing catch, but ¬†immediately ¬†suffered from a torn ACL and could not finish the game and later found out that he is out for the season. Right after Walker’s injury, Moore was diagnosed with a concussion from a tough play, but that would not stop the Panthers. Ridge land came back and scored one final touchdown that would put them in the lead at 21-14. Everyone was on the edge of their seats during the last few minutes of the 4th quarter as St. Pius had the ball. Both sides of the bleachers were going crazy and hoping that the game would not go into over time. Tanner Hill relieved everybody’s stress when St. Pius’ quarter back threw the ball to the 20 yard line and Hill got an interception. The crowd went wild as Hill ran the ball almost all the way back to the Panther inzone. Ridgeland once again gets the home field advantage this Friday night as they take on Spaulding and continue their way to the Dome.